Wedding Wednesday’s: How He Proposed

On January 27th, 2018, my best friend proposed to me and I said YES! How you might ask? Well it wouldn’t be a proper proposal without an eight mile hike, falling in the mud, and an asthma attack.

Blake and I love to hike together in our free time. We have been wanting to go to Gatlinburg, TN for quite sometime now, but we never had the same off days. We booked our trip two months in advance, requested time off, and found a cute cabin through Airbnb.

I made an amazing playlist for our four hour drive to Gatlinburg that consisted of all our favorite songs. Blake wasn’t really saying much or singing along to the music with me. He kept saying that his head was hurting and he just wanted to focus on the drive (little did I know that he was actually nervous).

We finally got to our cabin and I was ready to go explore and eat some amazing food! We changed into some nicer clothes, ate an amazing Italian dinner, and then went to go play mini golf.

Our first night there, Blake was giving me more compliments than usual and kept saying how I’m the only one for me and how much he loves me. Blake has always been a secret romantic and treats me like a queen. I honestly didn’t think anything of it just because he genuinely is the best guy ever!

Onto day two! I really wanted to go skiing, but Blake kept pushing for us to go hiking. I finally gave in and we went hiking. We got lost driving up the mountains, but finally found a trail called Grotto Falls.

We started our hike and I was not feeling right once we hit higher elevation and we kept going uphill. My legs started to get really weak and I kept falling in mud. I couldn’t even keep water down. These older couples kept passing us and all Blake kept saying was “babe, if these old people can finish this hike…so can we!”

I kept pushing myself, but then I could barely take a single breathe. I started having an asthma attack. I couldn’t even hold myself up or make a complete sentence. Blake knew what was happening and he also knew that my inhaler was back at the cabin. We both didn’t know what to do and that’s when I finally realized why he brought me on this hike.

As I was having my asthma attack, I kept asking for water and all Blake kept saying was “maybe if you keep looking at this amazing view you will feel better.” No, Blake. That is not how it works. I had my back turned away from Blake for about thirty seconds and I could see out the corner of my eye that he was pacing back and forth. I knew something was up, but I thought he was just scared about my asthma attack. I decided to continue the hike, because I knew it would mean a lot to Blake. We hiked another three miles until we made it to the top of Grotto Falls.


When we finally made it to the top of the mountain, Blake told me to take a video of the scenery. He said that his parents really wanted to see what the waterfall looked liked and that is exactly what I did. I walked all across these giants rocks to get the perfect video and Blake was still standing where he was originally and I told him to hurry up and come on!

I must of been really into what I was filming, because I did not hear him come up behind me. Blake taped me on the shoulder and I proceeded to turn around. As I started turning around I saw Blake down on one knee. I am pretty sure I started having another asthma attack from all the excitement (and we were also very high up.) I of course started crying when he asked me to marry him. Blake picked out the most gorgeous ring and he truly outdid himself!


My ring was almost three sizes too big for my finger, so Blake told me that I needed to put it back in the box and I could put it back on when we went out to dinner. I was sooooo sad to take it off, but I knew it was best. Plus, I was already covered in mud and the last thing I wanted to do was mess up my beautiful ring.


I cannot wait to marry my best friend, but we will talk about our wedding date, hashtag, and venue in a later post! I would love to hear other engagement stories from my readers who are engaged or married!

Love always,


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