Mix It Up Monday: Tiffany Mimosa’s


Hello, Monday! Monday’s can either make or break your week. I know that going back to work can be tough after a fun filled weekend, but why not keep the weekend alive by making these delicious Tiffany mimosa’s after a long Monday?!


Not only is this mimosa delish, but it is the perfect summer drink! I first found this drink on the Delish facebook page while I was scrolling through my feed. I dropped everything I was doing to go run to the store and I buy the five simple ingredients!

Click here to watch the video and see the recipe on the Delish website.

What you will need:

  • One lemon slice
  •  Two tbsp. of sugar
  •  1/4 cup of Blue Curacao, divided
  • One bottle of bubbly!
  • Two cups of lemonade, divided

To start off, run the slice of lemon around the rim and proceed to dip the glass rim into the sugar. Next, divide the Blue Curacao into all the glasses and fill half the glasses with champagne. Finally, divide the lemonade into each of the glasses and you will see the beautiful Tiffany blue appear!

I hope this mimosa can make your monday a little bit more enjoyable and help ease the stress away!


Mix It Up Monday is a new summer edition to The Southern Palette! If you have any recipes you would like to me to review, please feel free to contact me through any on my social accounts or email.

Love always,


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