What’s In My Back To School Makeup Bag

The only thing I like about going back to school is buying all new makeup for the semester. Start off your year right by picking up some new products and experimenting with different looks.


Just like writing a paper, I put a lot research into buying new makeup. I watch makeup tutorials religiously and depend a lot on customer reviews. This year has probably  been the best year for me when purchasing these products. Keep reading to see which products worked for me this semester!

Tarte Concealer

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If you have dark circles that Satan himself can see from hell, then you need this concealer. Tarte products never disappoint and this concealer covers any imperfection known to man. The packaging is beautiful and it smells amazing!

L’OREAL Infallible Foundation

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A friend recently told me about this foundation and I am never turning back. I have such oily skin and this foundation is a literal shield that does not let my face see an ounce of oil. L’OREAL has two different types of infallible foundations; matte and a pro-glow for those of us that prefer the dewey look. I actually combine the two together and it makes me look as flawless as Beyonce!

MAC Studio Fix Foundation

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I am not a huge fan of MAC strictly based off of their customer service. The only thing that keeps me a loyal customer is their studio fix powder. The packaging is beautiful and it took me quite sometime to finally hit pan. After I apply my foundation, I set my face with this powder and it truly completes the natural look I am going for.

Urban Decay Naked2 Basics

Buy this product here

I am a huge fan of warm tones and neutral colored palettes! This mini palette adds just the right amount of color to complete my subtle look. You can use this palette to switch your day look into an evening look with the darker shades available. This palette does have quite a bit of fall out, but they are highly pigmented.

Benefit Mascara They’re Real

Buy this product here

Out of all the products I purchased for this semester, this one is at the bottom. I don’t have anything good to say about it. Like I said earlier, I rely a lot on customer reviews. This product had 4/5 stars, which I don’t understand. I give this product one star. The brush applicator is awful and actually hurt my lashes from the brush pulling so hard. I would buy a drugstore mascara over this one any day.

Revlon Color Stay Lipstick

Buy this product here

I am all about a pretty pink nude lippie. Revlon’s cream formula makes my lips feel so luscious throughout my day. One thing I really love about this lippie is that you get a lot of product and the packaging is excellent! I have mine in the shade 210.

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray

Buy this product here

I have mixed feelings about this product. I bought this spray only because it said it reduces oil. From what I can see, it causes my face to get more oily. I will most likely switch back to the Urban Decay All Nighter spray. I bought the bigger bottle and I have had it for about three months with about 50% of the product still left in the bottle. I spray four to five pumps on my face after I have finished my makeup.

What is your everyday makeup routine?




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