How To Stay In Shape While In College

The freshman 15 is a real thing, but coming from a college senior, I am here to help you keep those pesky pounds out of sight and out of mind.


We all get so caught up doing homework, fitting in some sleep, and having a social life that it gets so hard to make time for exercising and eating right. I remember when I went off to college, a friend told me you will never know how poor you are until you go to college. Boy was she right! Making time for a healthy lifestyle is hard, but it can be done. Also, budgeting to afford that kale chicken salad you saw on Pinterest is possible.

Here are some tips on how to stay in shape while in college:

Walk to class instead of taking the bus.


Your legs might be on fire walking back and forth to your classes, but the goal is to have Carrie Underwood legs by the end of the semester!

Go to Target and use the Cartwheel app



Ah, yes. The holy grail we all know and love as Target. Grocery shopping at Target is cheap (as long as you stick to your list and don’t venture off to the dollar section.) Target has an app called Cartwheel where they all their coupons and deals exclusively for Cartwheel users. Using this app will make it affordable to buy healthy food!

Use the campus recreational center and take some cycling or zumba classes


You are basically handed a free four year membership to your college rec center. USE IT! Plus, you can take free fitness classes! My favorite class to take is the cycling classes. One time I got my shoe laces stuck in the cycling wheel and it ripped my shoe off…so always tie your shoes tight!

Always keep a water bottle with you


Drinking water throughout the day is so important. If you walk to all your classes like I do, then you need to stay hydrated. You should drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

Meal prep for the week


Meal prepping can be kind of tricky at first, but once you see how much money you can save by meal prepping, you’ll never turn back! If you are a Target lover like myself, then you know you can use the Cartwheel app to get all your meal prep needs.

Get a Fitbit or iWatch


Keeping track of your steps is a fun way to compete with yourself to take even more steps the next day. Both of these devices have their own perks, but I personally love my iWatch!

Bike to class


Biking to class is one of the best ways to stay in shape if you don’t have time to get in a workout each day. Just make sure you pack a bike lock!

I hope these tips help you and your fitness journey. What do you do to stay in shape?



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