Turning 23

Last week I turned 23, and to be honest I was not all that excited about it. I know, I know, it is just a number, but I took this birthday hard. There is really nothing special to look forward too once you hit 21, but my friends and family made sure that I had a happy birthday!


The day after my birthday, I began to think about everything I have learned so far since turning 23. After thinking for a little while, I came up with 23 things I have learned so far in life that have gotten me to where I am today.

23 Life Lessons That Have Made Me Who I Am Today:

  1. Don’t be so quick to judge
  2. It is okay to make mistakes
  3. Always say yes to new adventures
  4. Have zero regrets
  5. Never be afraid to be your true self
  6. Do not let fear control your life
  7. Stop being jealous of that Victoria’s Secret model
  8. Always tell your loved ones you love them
  9. Try to see the good in people
  10. Change is good
  11. Stay away from negativity
  12. It is never to late to say I am sorry
  13. Make everyday count
  14. Do not take anyone for granted
  15. Failure is okay
  16. It does not matter what people think
  17. Pray daily
  18. Giving will make you happier
  19. It is not worth it to hold grudges
  20. Surround yourself with people who love you for you
  21. Stop trying to impress people constantly
  22. Be patient
  23. Kill them with kindness


After realizing all these life lessons I have learned so far, I am proud to be 23 and I can not wait to see what 24 has in store for me!



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