3 Nail Polish Colors For This Summer

Nail polish can complete any look and with summer already here, you can not go wrong with rocking a bright vibrant color or keeping cool by staying neutral.


I recently hopped onto the gel nail polish train and I am never turning back! I have tried every brand of gel nail polish, and by far my favorite brand is DND. The three colors I am going to show you today are all from DND and you will so want to try them for yourself!

DND – Peach Fuzz – #555

My favorite thing to do when I get home is watch YouTube beauty videos. Casey Holmes is a beauty vlogger on YouTube and she was talking about this color in one of her videos. I knew had to try it when I saw her rave about DND. I wore this color when I went down to the beach last month and I got so many compliments! One thing that really stood out to me about this gel polish is that the color never faded from the sun or salt water. This color is called Peach Fuzz and you can buy it here.

IMG_1621 (2)
DND – Sweet Romance – #452

I wore this color for an outdoor summer wedding I recently went too and it is probably my favorite gel nail polish I have worn all summer. This is a perfect cool tone for summer, but it is also a great transitional color into fall. You can purchase Sweet Romance here.

DND – Magical Mauve – #494

I am obsessed with anything mauve! Magical mauve is perfect for any skin tone and can look perfect with anyones sense of style. The bottle is a little misleading, because it looks more purple than pink. This color screams summer and is great for any summer event you plan on going too! To get get this super fun color for summer click here.

DND is rated one of the best gel nail polish brands and you will see why once you try it for yourself! What is your favorite nail polish this summer?



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