Six Shows To Binge Watch This Summer

Since I am on summer break from college, I have been binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu like there’s no tomorrow. I feel that sense I took fifteen hours last semester, I should reward myself for being a sloth all summer long. It only seems like the right thing to do.


The perfect time to binge watch a show is during school breaks. Lets be real, us college students don’t have time to binge watch our beloved shows during the semester. We are too busy stuffing our faces with Chick Fil A, drowning in Starbucks coffee, and crying our stress away.

Here are my favorite shows to binge watch this summer:

One Tree Hill


If you say you don’t like this show, then we can’t be friends. This godsend show takes place in North Carolina where half-brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott play basketball for their high school, Tree Hill. The show revolves around the brothers, their romances, and what happens after they graduate from Tree Hill. I could write a novel on how this show is the best thing since sliced bread. You can watch all nine seasons of this life changing show on Netflix.



First things first. Yes, that is Lizzie McGuire in the middle of this picture. This show is about a forty year old single mom, Liza Miller who is trying to find a job in publishing. The only way that companies will even look at her is if she was half her age. She ends up passing for a twenty-six year old and lands a job as an assistant, and snags a twenty-something year old boyfriend while doing the unbelievable. All three seasons of this show are on Hulu, and they are in the process of filming season four. I am also very proud to say that I watched fourteen episodes of this show yesterday.

Rules of Engagement


Blake and I have binged watched this show three times now. We are in the process of going on round four.  It is probably the funniest series I have ever watched! The show is about a newly engaged couple, Adam and Jennifer. They live in the same building has their married friends Jeff and Audrey and are trying to teach Jennifer and Adam the rules of marriage. These couples have a mutual friend named Russel who has commitment issues, but ties the whole show together. All seven seasons are streaming on Netflix.



If you love country music or your a southern belle like me, then you will love this show. This show takes place in Nashville (shocker) and is about the queen of country, Rayna Jaymes and the diva of country, Juliette Barnes. As Rayna’s popularity has slowly been fading, it is up to her to partner with Juliette Barnes to kick her career back in action. All Juliette wants to do is steal Rayna’s fame and fanbase. This show is definitely drama based and you can watch all five seasons on Hulu.



When I here someone talk about Fixer Upper, the first thing I think is GOALS!!! Chip and Joanna Gaines are the literal definition of relationship goals. HGTV is like my safe haven if you will. The name of the show speaks for itself, but for those of you that have no idea what this show is about, imma need you to come out of the rock you’ve been hiding under. They basically flip houses and turn alarming homes into extravagant homes. You can watch all seasons of this show on Netflix!

New Girl


My old roommate and I relate to this show on a personal, physical, and spiritual level. You think I’m kidding. Jess is an elementary school teacher who lives in a loft with three random guys. She loves to spontaneously burst into song and change the world for the better. The three guys learn to accept Jess for who she is and they learn to live with each other’s quirks. This show is on Netflix and Hulu!

Happy Watching!




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