Fourth of July Three Layered Drink


What better way to celebrate all our upcoming patriotic holidays then with a fabulous red, white, and blue layered drink.  Visually this drink is so much fun – and it tastes even better – especially if you add some vodka!  Have kiddos at your celebration?  This drink’s kid friendly version will have them asking for refills!

Layer your drinks anyway you like, however, keep a watchful eye on the sugar content of each juice. The juice with the heaviest sugar content must goes in first!



  • 1 Cup Cran-Apple Juice
  • 1 Cup Pina Colada Sobe
  • 1 Cup Blue G2 Gatorade
  • Cubed Ice


  • Add one cup of Cran-Apple juice;
  • Fill cup with ice;
  • Slowly pour in the Pina Colada Sobe, then add G2 Gatorade.

Now, this is important. Fill the glass with ice AFTER you add your first juice layer. Once the ice has been added, pour your second and third juice layer into the glass. Be sure to pour each layer in slowly over the ice. Also, if you would like to add vodka, make sure you look at the sugar content!


I purchased my mason jars at Target.  The Ocean Spray Cran-Apple and Blue Gatorade G2 were purchased at Publix.  The Pina Colada Sobe was purchased at an Exxon gas station.

This drink will without a doubt be the talk of the party!

Happy drinking!



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