My Five Favorite Online Boutiques

I could online shop for hours. In fact, I do! If I could add “addictive online shopper” to my resume I would. With that being said, summer is right around the corner and for most of us we are already out on break. I am a senior in college and the only thing on my mind is making money. Working retail is so much fun, but it makes it quite difficult to save money when you want to purchase over half of the inventory that you sell.

I do have free time when I am not working, but on my days off all I do is sleep and lounge around my house. The last thing I want to do is go out shopping when five days out of the week I am in a clothing boutique for eight hours each day. I told myself that with every paycheck I can buy one outfit, but all the cute clothes I like are always out of my price limit. Here are my five favorite online boutiques for the gal that is on very tight budget!

1. Lizard Thicket

5-2slider1-Recovered.jpgLast year I discovered a little known gem called Lizard Thicket. Their clothes and accessories are made with such great quality and their prices are even better. Lizard Thicket has clothes for every occasion and jewelry to compliment each outfit. They are huge on giving back to the community and with some candle or jewelry purchases, they donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.  They sell items almost identical to Free People and Anthropologie, the only difference is that you and your wallet won’t cry. One of my favorite things about Lizard Thicket is that they truly have something for everyone.  Another plus, their inventory is constantly updated, with new arrivals coming each day.   That means I am visiting Lizard Thicket’s website everyday. One thing that stands with their website is that their shipping is lightening fast and only $7.95. However, should you spend over $100, your shipping fee is waived.  Not only does this place have an online boutique, but they have over twenty stores all over the south! They also post the cutest outfit inspiration on their Instagram, so be sure to follow them.

2. Dainty Hooligan

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.35.35 AM.pngI have been shopping with Dainty Hooligan for two years now. Not only is the name so catchy but their clothes are quite trendy. The quality of their clothes is above par to say the least. If I had to describe Dainty Hooligan in two words, it would be flirty and fun. Their prices are perfect for budget conscious gals like me and they also offer free shipping if you spend over $100.  Some of my most loved Summer tanks were delivered to my mailbox from Dainty Hooligan’s website.

I live in Alabama, so the summer heat I experience is rivaled only by where Satan resides.  Dainty Holligan’s summer line is lightweight and flowy and that is exactly what I need for this Alabama heat! You will not be disappointed with this online boutique. Check out the Dainty Hooligan Instagram to stay updated!

3. Sophie and Trey

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.52.53 AMSophie & Trey is also a new online boutique that I have been shopping with for about a year now. This boutique has so many clothing options for so many different occasions. Out of all the boutiques that I have talked about, this one is by far the kindest to your bank account.  But don’t let their low prices fool you. Their clothes are quality made, as are the materials they use.  I purchased a dress from here that I wore to a wedding and received almost a dozen compliments on!  Sophie & Trey have new arrivals daily and free shipping if you spend over $25. You can easily buy two items for under $30. They have a rewards program that is very simple to use. Every dollar equals a point, and after 300 points you get $15 off. Out of all the reward programs I belong to for online shopping, this one is by far the most rewarding.  You can also chat online with one of their stylists who will answer your questions and even help you put together an outfit. Get a glimpse of all their new arrivals on their Instagram!

4. Impressions

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.26.15 AMThis is my holy grail of online boutiques. In fact, most of my outfit inspirations come from Impressions. This boutique offers free shipping on all orders which is one reason why I am a loyal customer. I am huge on packaging, and their packaging for each order is done beautifully. Impressions is up-to-date on all of the trends and there is something for everyone! This online boutique even gives you a sneak-peek at their upcoming arrivals and you can even sign up to receive a notification when an item is available to purchase online. They also have a bridal shop that is full of gorgeous dresses!

Impressions has a rewards program that is called VIP Points. For every dollar you spend you get a point and after 100 points you get 10% off, 200 points gets you 20% off, and 300 points gets you 30% off. Be sure to head on over to their Instagram to see their amazing new arrivals!

5. Hope’s

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.47.06 AMLast but never the least, the boutique that started my online shopping addiction. Hope’s is probably the best of the best when it comes to online boutiques. They also have a store in Georgia, but for all of us that don’t live in Georgia, their website is the next best thing. Free shipping on all orders and the packaging is beautiful. This online boutique is more on the high end side, but completely worth every penny.  I have a crop top from four years ago and it still looks like I just bought it. They have outfits for every occasion that you can think of. Hope’s has a rewards program just like some of the other boutiques I mentioned, but this one is a little different. Every dollar you spend equals one point. After you reach 1,000 points you get $10 off; 2,000 points = $20 off, 3,000 points = $30 off, and 5,000 = $50 off!  Catch their new arrivals on their Instagram!

Happy shopping, everyone!



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