10 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him


T-minus five days until Valentine’s Day, which means it’s crunch time when trying to come up with a gift to get your husband or boyfriend. Ladies, we all know that guys are so much more difficult to shop for. If you have a boyfriend like mine, he will go out and buy something when he wants it. So, this year I decided to get crafty and make something for him, because I knew for a fact he wouldn’t already own it. I am here to show y’all ten easy DIY gifts to give him a gift from the heart. Lets get started!

Valentines Root Beer Float Kit 


For the sweet eater in your life, this gift idea is cute, cheap, and you can make a movie night out of it! Don’t forget to print out this adorable tag. Everything you need to make this kit can be found on http://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com or you can press the image above and it will take you directly to the site.

We Love You To Pieces 

We Love You To Pieces by Happy Go lucky 

I gave my mom this gift two years ago, except I did it with Sweedish Fish and my tag said “You’re quite the catch!” You can basically do any type of candy you want! All you need is a jar, his favorite candy, ribbon, and a cute tag!

52 Reasons Why I love You


This is such a cute yet meaningful gift! All you need is a deck of cards, hole punch, craft paper, glue, pens, and two binder rings. The best thing about this gift is that it truly does come from the heart and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about!

Goodie Box


This gift is kind of like the candy jar idea, but on steroids. The goodie box is perfect for the long distance couple. Get an old box, decorate it, and fill it up with all of his favorite candy. For an added bonus, add a couple of pictures and a cute card!

Goodie Bucket


So maybe you aren’t doing the long distance thing, but still think doing a Goodie Box is a good idea! Well that’s why you can do the Goodie Bucket! I did something very similar for my boyfriend last Valentine’s Day and he loved it! I filled his bucket up with his favorite sodas, snacks, and cologne. I used a bucket that I found from Michael’s Craft Store for $5.

Love Coupons

DIY Love Coupons by The Dating Divas

I found this cute DIY from The Dating Divas website which you can visit if you click the caption under the image. I did this for my boyfriend last year. Some of my coupons said: movies on me, foot rub, back massage, and free dinner pass. I also had an expiration date on my coupons which was the date of our two year anniversary. This was probably one of my favorites to make!

Felt Fortune Cookies


This DIY looks complex, but it is so much fun to make! It is kind of hard to explain how to make these cute fortune cookies, so I will link the video here. Remember to customize each fortune with something sweet and personal!

Bake his favorite cookies


What guy doesn’t love food? Food is the way to every man’s heart, especially if it’s his favorite cookies! I am making my boyfriend this valentines day, except I have a heart shaped cookie cutter to make mine more festive, plus he isn’t a fan of sprinkles…

Date Night Sticks

Date Night Jar by I am Lady Fab

This is a relationship saver! If you are anything like me, I always say “I don’t care” when it comes to picking a date night. These are very easy and fun to make. All you need is popsicle sticks, colored markers to color your sticks, sharpie to write down your date idea, and a cute jar!

Open When…Cards


I saved the best one for last. This DIY gift in my opinion is the most sentimental and really takes time to make. This gift is perfect if you are in a long distance relationship. Some ideas could be: Open When…You Miss Me, Open When…You’re Sad, Open When…You Need A Laugh, or Open When…You Want To Give Up.

I hope these fun DIY’s come in handy for you ladies. I have made almost every single one of these and I had so much fun! Very easy to make and most can be done on a $20 budget.



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